Parent participation is an essential factor in their child's success in a school. We become a team – parent/teacher/student – all with the same goal of providing the best educational experience for your child.

You will be able to obtain, through Parent/Teacher Interface via e-mail or a phone call, your child's information i.e. homework, calendar, testing etc.

On our website, you will find posted a periodic Superintendent's newsletter and a calendar with special days, assignments and tests. On the Calendar, you will also find, "Professional Development Days/ Early Dismissal Days". These times are for staff to receive training and educational updates on topics such as Multiple Intelligences and current research on the brain and how it works. This equips teachers to try new methods in the classroom, thus creating a new path toward helping each student reach his/ her potential and develop a strong self esteem. Apart from the special days , written notices are sent home one week prior to the Professional Development Day and always the day before to inform parents about these sessions.

The Superintendent's newsletter be available on the website and , a copy will also be sent home with your child at the beginning of each month.

Students from Grade 1 upward will receive a Communication Book to be completed daily. This will assist, as well, in close communication between school and home.

Ready access to your child's teacher will be available via the internet, and during school hours, by telephone. We especially encourage communication from home, when something has occurred, health or family wise, that would affect your child's day.

We will be creating a Parent/Teacher Association, in due course. We would like to encourage our parents to be fully involved in supporting the school in its development. We need your valuable opinions and suggestions. Please consider joining us.

It would be appreciated if you would read and discuss with your child, the behavioral expectations as listed under "Student Policy "


Admission to the New Academic Year 2017 - 2018

Admission is going on for the Academic Year 2017 - 2018

School uses appropriate intervention programs for ages 4 to 8 for special needs children with Autism, Slow learning, Developmental delay and Mild mental retardation

Contact us:22623074/ 22625729/ 22652302 ext. 112/101


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تُوفر مدرسة الأطفال المبدعين العالمية برامج التدخل المناسبة للطلاب ذوي الإحتياجات الخاصة ممن يعانون من التوحد وبطء التعلم والتأخر التطوري والتأخر العقلي البسيط وا لذين يتراوح أعمارهم من 4 لى 8 سنوات . 8

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