The goal of participating in Extra Curricular Activities and Clubs is to help the students develop interests beyond academic studies, broaden their perspectives, and provide them with opportunities for effective and enjoyable use of leisure time

At the end of each term, teachers and specialists may reward individual students for their good behavior and good effort, academic performance, and attendance record. Such awards will be handed out during morning assemblies. Assemblies are held to appreciate students' work and enable them to perform with confidence on stage, in front of each other. Parents are welcome to attend their child's assembly and take pictures.

At the Awards Assemblies 2 awards are given per class :

1. Award for the Best Student of the Term
    ( Criteria to be taken into consideration: full attendance, positive behavior, Social interaction, work habits, attitudes.. )

2. Award for Best Academic Achievement
    ( Criteria: Academic progress in all or one academic subject )

Specialists, PE and Arabic / Islamic Teachers will each give one award per Department

CCIS also holds an end of year concert where each class will do a short performance for their peers and parents.

Educational trips provide students and teachers with opportunities for learning and teaching beyond the classroom. As per Ministry requirements, a letter has to be sent to parents to secure their written approval for their children to participate in any fieldtrip.

In most cases, the destination is matched with a timely curriculum element.

Educational trips provide students and teachers with opportunities for learning and teaching beyond the classroom. Please find below a sample of some of the trips the children will be taking, which may vary from grade to grade and season.

SEPTEMBER: Because students are studying Plants in science, students most likely will visit a local plant nursery / greenhouse as an informative tour of different types of plants, strategies for successfully planting and caring for plants etc. Students are encouraged to purchase a plant to take care of in the classroom and/or at home.

OCTOBER: A trip to the Scientific Centre Aquarium would be useful whenever students are learning about animals and sea life. Students will find it most interesting if the trip coincided with one of the shark feeding demonstrations that are shown to the public at scheduled times.

NOVEMBER: A trip to the Jungle Zoo is a fun, interactive experience for the students because there they are able to touch/pet some of the animals.


DECEMBER / JANUARY: Our young students are learning about their bodies. They may benefit from engaging in physical activity at the Skating Rink (Kuwait City, off the 1 st Ring Road).

Or…A Tour of Dar Al Shifa Hospital where students can learn about different equipment, technologies, and have a chance to try out getting an eye and ear exams, might also be useful.

Or…. A trip to the KDD or KD Cow Dairy where students can learn more about the dairy food group and its products. A discussion on healthy eating and nutrition should be a follow-up to the trip.

FEBRUARY: A trip to Green Island would be a wonderful excursion in which students can spend time in the outdoors.

MARCH: As we are studying Earth Science (earth, moon, day/night, etc.) the Scientific and Natural History Museum might be a good choice for a field trip.

APRIL: A trip to a Bowling Alley so that students may participate in social games and enjoy one another's company. Students will have the opportunity to demonstrate good sportsmanship and fair play with their classmates.

Or… a trip to a local police station to discuss community helpers (police officers, ambulance officials, firefighters). Students should know that these are the adults from whom they can seek assistance if ever they are lost or hurt. (Students should know their personal information: phone number, city, family name, school name, teacher's name).

MAY / JUNE: A trip to Pizza Express or a Bakery where students could participate hands-on in creating some food item would be enjoyable.

A trip to a dentist's office for a check-up and instruction on the importance of healthy food choices and proper teeth care would be beneficial to the children.


  • The Arab Times or Kuwait Times Newspaper office
  • The Scientific and Natural History Museum (and Planetarium)
    … Abdullah Mubarak Street
  • The National Museum …(located near the National Assembly)
  • The Kuwait Zoo
  • Green Island
  • Failaka Island
  • Kuwait Towers and Seaside
  • Tour of Police Station or Fire Station
  • The Equestrian Club
  • PAWS organization for rescued animals
  • Kuwait Fund For Economic Development Building in Shuwaik (beautiful architecture and guided tour provided) (for small and older groups)
  • Dickenson House Museum (for small and older groups)
  • Liberation Tower
  • A weather station
  • The Dentist
  • KDD or KD Cow Dairy
  • An indoor organic farm
  • Wafra Farms
  • Shaab Park (games and/or roller skating) Hawally Park
  • Bowling
  • The Imax (in Scientific Centre)

Are designed to provide students with intense instruction that enhances their class and learning program. Teachers and tutors help students with homework, preparation for tests and assignments, and generalize the skills that are taught during the school day. Sessions are available in a variety of subjects

  • Intensive courses in English language Arts
  • Intensive courses in Arabic language Arts
  • Study Skills / Home work
  • Social and Life Skills
  • Speech Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Behavior Management
  • Math - Arithmetic Skills

For Registration and more information regarding the courses, please call the school secretary, at: 2262-4074 Ext. 102-112-101.

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Admission to the New Academic Year 2017 - 2018

Admission is going on for the Academic Year 2017 - 2018

School uses appropriate intervention programs for ages 4 to 8 for special needs children with Autism, Slow learning, Developmental delay and Mild mental retardation

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